Discover more about how to play blackjack and how to better your technique.

Electronic blackjack

Don’t feel that blackjack is limited to a casino. There are other ways to indulge in your favourite card game including video electronic blackjack, which incorporates old rules with modern online gambling techniques. The house usually the house wins in online blackjack but this shouldn’t stop you from trying, as winning is still a real possibility! Video blackjack games tend to deal each coup from a fresh shoe which means counting cards is extremely difficult. However, online blackjack can help you to brush up on your gambling techniques and hone your strategy to see if you can outfox the dealer. On top of that there’s no house edge at all!

All about blackjack

The beauty of blackjack is that it can be played in a casino or as on online version known as video blackjack. Throughout the world a lot of people play blackjack thanks to its simple rules and fun combination of luck and strategy. The principle aim of blackjack is to make a hand without beating the dealer by having more than than 21. The cards are worth different amounts with the number cards being worth their face value up to the 10, the jack, queen and king which are known as face cards and worth 10 and aces being used for either one or 11 depending. If your first two cards add up to 21 points, you have achieved the blackjack by winning straight off the bat.

A history of the blackjack game

The casino game called ‘blackjack’ used to be called ‘twenty-one’, which was first recorded in a book written by Miguel de Cervantes. The Spanish writer illustrated that the game ‘ventiuna’, which means 21 in Spanish, was based on reaching the figure of twenty one before busting. Today we refer to a hand of blackjack as being any variety of hand with an ace and a ten or a face card, which doesn’t always need to be the jack of clubs or jack of spades, amounting to a score of 21. People across the world play blackjack and it is getting ever more popular each day because it doesn’t really have a house edge. It’s a player versus dealer game at all times so there’s no need to get wound up about the hands that other players have at all.

Basics of playing blackjack

The first stage in setting up a blackjack game is to decide on the upper betting limit and choose the table. Straight after you will need to take chips from the dealer, place a bet before eventually receiving a hand of cards. The aim is to get a hand value of 21 or close to but not having cards which total more than 21 and ultimately, beating the dealer with your score. The numbered cards are at their face value while the ace can equal either 1 or 11 points and the jack, queen and king all have a value of 10.

Blackjack rules of play

When playing a game of blackjack in a casino you will be initially required to place your bet prior to obtaining your hand of cards. It is not an issue if you show your hand to other players or even the croupier as the dealer has no say in how his hand is played in the long run. The rules usually vary in different establishments and you might be playing ‘dealer stands on all 17s’ where the dealer gets cards up until the point where he hits 17 or greater or you could play ‘dealer hits soft 17’ where the game players have to wait until the dealer reaches a soft total of 17. At the most basic level the dealer must keep on playing until he gets to a minimum of 17 or goes beyond a total of 21 and busts.